23 Things That Are Totally Normal When Living In St. Kitts

Life can be a little different when living on an island that has more monkeys than people. Things can be a bit crazy sometimes, but in the end it is SO SO worth it.

1. Beer being cheaper than water

Pick your poison, Stag or Carib.

ID: 2709731

2. Interesting local lingo

TRANSLATION: Stop here and call. Don’t come in!

ID: 2709915

3. Butt sweat

What’s a little butt sweat between friends?

ID: 2709639

4. Underboob sweat

Don’t panic.

ID: 2709818

5. Sweat in places you didn’t even know you could sweat

Airplane (Paramount Pictures)


ID: 2711039

6. A patch of smooth road being a cause for celebration

Only matched by the wonder that is the new roundabout.

ID: 2709781

7. Sandal tans

It’s a rough life, but someone’s gotta live it.

ID: 2710353

8. Goat induced traffic jams

Or sheep. Whatever they are.

ID: 2709963

9. Donkeys wearing sunglasses

“Come on, again Jojo? I look RIDICULOUS.” — Bob the donkey

ID: 2710407

10. Monkeys riding donkeys

“Giddyup you ass!”

ID: 2710487

11. Alcoholic monkeys

Just one more Ting with a Sting

ID: 2710429

12. Never knowing if an animal is a goat or a sheep

HINT: It’s all in the tail. Goats up, sheep down.

ID: 2710884

13. Island cars

Why yes, that is a menstrual pad and zip ties holding everything together.

ID: 2712209

14. Cruise ships

Don’t even think about trying to shop in port if there’s no ship docked.

ID: 2710933

15. Never being able to fully rid yourself of sand

Just when you thought your bed was finally sand free.

ID: 2711082

16. Giant Centipedes

These are what God invented BOP for.

ID: 2630964

17. Huge ass spiders trying to kill you

Home Alone (Twentieth Century Fox)


ID: 2711139

18. Then again, don’t forget views like this

The peninsula from Timothy Hill

ID: 2711187

19. …and this

Christophe Harbour

ID: 2711191

20. …and this.

Mount Liamuiga

ID: 2711237

21. Oh yeah, and beaches

The Pavilion Beach Club @ Christophe Harbour

ID: 2711218

22. …more beaches

The Pavilion Beach Club @ Christophe Harbour

ID: 2711224

23. …and more beaches

View of Nevis from St Kitts

ID: 2711232

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