This Is Why Everyone Should Watch Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty is the best unintentional comedy on television.

1. The intro may be one of the most perfect and fitting intros in the history of television.

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2. These rugged country men from Louisiana have some of the best personalities in the world.

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3. This is Willie Robertson. He is the CEO of Duck Commander, a company that manufactures duck calls and also the source of the Robertson family’s wealth.

Willie is often the butt of everyone’s jokes, but he takes it in stride and definitely gets his jabs in, too.

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Actually, they do. He figured that out the hard way.

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4. Phil Robertson, Willie’s father and founder of Duck Commander

Phil is a wise old man full of “Philosophies” and lovable grandpa quirks. And he makes awesome sound effects.

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5. Willie’s mother, Miss Kay, is the most perfect southern lady EVER.

She’s precious. She’s gullible. She’s loving. She’s naive. She can cook a mean squirrel stew. She’s Miss Kay.

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6. Willie’s brother, Jase Robertson, is surprisingly funny.

Jase has a dry sense of humor, is addicted to hunting and eating frogs, and never says no to a challenge.

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7. Willie’s uncle, Si Robertson, is God’s gift to comedy.

There is no one on Earth like Si Robertson.

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8. Their neighbor, Mountain Man, is the world’s slowest speaker.

Jase does a perfect impression of Mountain Man.

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9. Godwin, Duck Commander employee, says the most random things at inadvertent times.

This statement thoroughly confused Miss Kay.

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When the boys went on strike, Godwin’s only demand was a ham sandwich.

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ID: 837502

10. They’re not always very articulate, but you know what they mean.

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11. The time that Uncle Si ate poop instead of berries

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After accidentally eating poop, Si visited the optometrist. He suggested Lasik, but Si wasn’t having any of that. He opted for new eyeglasses instead.

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12. Philosphies, brought to you by Phil Robertson

Commenting on why he chaperoned his grandson on his date. They went fishing.

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13. Si really tries to stay hip.

ID: 837321

He loves the Black Eyed Peas.

He also likes Meatloaf, The Cranberries, “The Korn”, Salt ‘N Pepa, and Ice T.

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14. Phil and Kay have been married for over 50 years and they’re still in love. And definitely still have an active sex life.

These were his conditions for Miss Kay before he agreed to go get a new barbeque grill.

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15. Si knows all the new phrases.

ID: 837334

16. Si is the best storyteller. Fiction or not.

ID: 837337
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17. Every episode ends with a meal and a prayer. It seems very staged, but also very cute.

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18. The time Uncle Si channeled Antoine Dodson

He issued a stern warning to nearby beavers.

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19. There is an abundance of unnecessary camouflage.

Phil’s favorite chair. And he blends right into it.

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20. No matter what it is, Si thinks he is the best at it.

ID: 837360

Whether it’s turkey hunting,

ID: 837238


He IS the grill master. Firen’ em’ on the grill!

ID: 837516

competitive doughnut-eating,

ID: 837404

and basketball skills. To name a few.

If it weren’t for his trick knee, he’d be in the NBA right now.

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21. Catch phrases and one-liners

Someone should really tally how many times Si says “hey” and “jack”

ID: 837424

That would be a redneck swimming pool in the pack of a pickup truck.

ID: 837559

22. The Robertson women know how to keep their men in check

And those hairy boys all scored very pretty wives.

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23. The Robertson kids are some of the best, well-behaved, and well-mannered kids you will ever see.

ID: 837492

They always say please, thank you, sir, and ma’am.

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24. There is always something to learn.

Phil taught his grandson all about the sex organs of crawfish.

ID: 837513

When Phil chaperoned his grandson on his fishing date, he then proceeded to show them how to properly clean a fish. Both romantic and informative.

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25. They love their beards.

ID: 837534
ID: 837545

26. Si makes you crave sweet tea and naps

That “tea glass” is attached to him. It goes everywhere with him. Even Vietnam.

ID: 837550

Si the Elf.

ID: 837556

27. They love to blow stuff up.

ID: 837551

An old duck blind? Blow it up.

ID: 837573

Si’s old truck? Blow it up.

ID: 837555

Beaver dam? Blow it up and burn it.

ID: 837554

That’s a fact, Jack!

ID: 837544

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