Dave Grohl’s AMA Won Reddit

Dave Grohl wins. He just wins.

1. He was excited to be doing an AMA

ID: 874128

2. He rolled with the punches. Even the ones from the 12-year-olds

ID: 874129

3. He admitted to owning Brian May’s underwear

ID: 874132

5. He was happy to make someone’s day

ID: 874130

6. He revealed the secret to his success

ID: 874131

7. He’s an avid dick drawer

ID: 874133

9. He actually called someone a “ding-dong”

ID: 874134

10. He and the Foo Fighters rocked so hard that they apparently triggered a “seismic event”

ID: 874136

11. He provided us with personal grooming tips

ID: 874137

12. He got all scientific on us

ID: 874138

13. He loves his fried fucking chicken…

ID: 874139

14. …and would eat his last meal at KFC.

ID: 874141

16. He kept it real

ID: 874140

17. He graced us with his beard

ID: 874142
ID: 874167

19. He’s the kind of rocker you can bring home to mom

ID: 874143

20. …but he doesn’t want to look THAT nice

ID: 874144

21. He relates to Victoria Beckham

ID: 874147

23. He got a little political

ID: 874148

24. He’s been jaded to the wonders of blow-up dolls

ID: 874149

25. He quit cold turkey

ID: 874150

26. He was perfect even in his speechlessness.

ID: 874151
ID: 874174

28. <3 you, Dave.

ID: 874180

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