23 Reasons Why Lisa Frank Was A Genius

There’s really a lot more than 23. Rainbow unicorns should count for at least 10 reasons on their own.

1. Everything looked like an adorable acid trip.

Just look at those bunnies!

ID: 808589

2. I desperately want to eat this.

ID: 808562

3. If these dolphins can find love, I can too.

If not, at least I have one really awesome spiral notebook.

ID: 808563

4. Lisa Frank knows how to crank up the cuteness.

Just shove as many vivid colors and cute creatures into the picture frame as possible.

ID: 808565

5. She gave us a panda bear in a hot air balloon.

ID: 808569

6. They were so cute and different, you wanted to have them all.

ID: 808570

7. Every picture seemed so peaceful

ID: 808571

8. Just when you thought things were strange, Lisa knew how to crank things up.

How does one dream up something like this? This is Louvre-worthy.

ID: 808574

9. She gave the gay kids unicorns on rainbows

And you are appreciated for it!

ID: 808575

10. She threw in some halos from time to time

ID: 808578

11. I forgot that I even had this folder until just now!

I love you, Lisa! These are the gifts that just keep on giving!

ID: 808584

12. She knew how to appeal to the prissiest of girls

ID: 808587

13. Lisa Frank is precisely 79.12% responsible for an entire generation’s worth of unicorn lovers.

ID: 808591

14. She brought out creativity in the artsy kids

Trapper Keeper!

ID: 808593

15. She gave us hippie aliens

ID: 808595

16. Back-to-school shopping was usually confined to the Lisa Frank section.

ID: 808596

17. Horses and butterflies.

Yes, “horses and butterflies” is a noteworthy accomplishment.

ID: 808601

18. “Tacky” wasnt part of Lisa Frank’s vocabulary.

ID: 808604

19. That stationary was the BEST.

That’s it. I think I’m going to look for some Lisa Frank stationary on eBay after I finish this up.

ID: 808610

20. Before the internet, kids used to have pen pals. This is what we wrote our letters on.

ID: 808614


ID: 808618

22. She made the best pencils in the world.

ID: 808696

23. As if the pencils weren’t cool enough, there were awesome erasers to put on top of them

ID: 808698

We love you, Lisa Frank.

ID: 808700

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