19 Absurdly-Titled Netflix Subcategories

The specificity is getting out of control.

1. “Goofy Father-Daughter Children & Family Movies”

2. “Biographical Tortured-Genius Movies”

3. “Witty Romantic Opposites-Attract Movies”

4. “Goofy Underdog Action & Adventure”

5. “Feel-Good Con-Game Musicals”

6. “Understated Romantic Gay & Lesbian Movies”

7. “Emotional Independent Mother-Son Movies”

8. “Blaxpoitation Movies”

9. “Family-friendly Talking-Animal Animation”

10. “Emotional Period Pieces Featuring a Strong Female Lead”

11. “Swashbucklers”

12. “Witty Dysfunctional-Family TV Animated Comedies”

13. “Violent Nightmare-Vacation Movies”

14. “Suspenseful Revenge Movies from the 1950s”

15. “Biographical Showbiz 20th Century Period Pieces”

16. “Visually-striking Mind-bending Independent Movies”

17. “Cult Demon Horror Movies”

18. “Dark Mid-Life-Crisis Dramas”

19. “Heartfelt Fight-the-System Documentaries”

Thanks but no thanks for your unhelpful suggestions, Netflix.

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