15 Things You Learn While Watching “The Bling Ring”

“I’m living in that 21st century.”

1. Labels matter.

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2. Don’t trust a teenager.

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3. Never announce you are out of town on Twitter.

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4. If your net worth is over a mil, consider hiring a house sitter.

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5. Block your address from public databases.

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6. Don’t leave your keys under a mat.

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7. It’s stupid to take photo evidence of the swag you stole.

ID: 1340161

8. Don’t make friends with a klepto.

ID: 1340166

9. You may want to rethink homeschooling your kids

ID: 1340159

10. Probably shouldn’t talk to Vanity Fair if you are under investigation.

ID: 1340168

11. Do not leave your pets at home.

ID: 1340176

12. Lock your side door.

ID: 1340195

13. Dropping names never helps.

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14. MIA and Sleigh Bells make for a great soundtrack.

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15. And finally, Emma Watson nailed the American accent.

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