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Proof That “The Princess And The Frog” Is One Of The Most Underrated Disney Movies Ever

Sure, there was a lot of controversy over it, but this movie is fantastic — and not just because Tiana is Disney’s first African American princess.

1. Tiana was a hard worker — she taught us you have to work hard to reach your dreams.

2. And yet she did it all with a smile.

Disney / Via

Not to mention the touch of sass!

3. Her best friend, Lottie, was truly the best.

Disney / Via

Yes, even despite her self-centered behavior. She’d still do anything for Tiana.

4. Tiana was a daddy’s girl — and she listened to him!

Unlike some Disney princesses (looking at you, Ariel!)

5. Mama Odie was a fantastic character!

And based on the real life Coleen Salley!

6. Do you need more proof than this?

7. Tiana actually had a realistic reaction to a frog suddenly talking to her.

Disney / Via

And asking for a kiss.

8. The villain was pretty awesome.

Disney / Via

10. Check out his villain song!

11. And the music, written by Oscar-Award Winning Randy Newman.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

He’s also behind the music of Toy Story, Monsters Inc., A Bug’s Life, and Cars!

12. It was real. Ray died.

Disney / Via

13. That moment your heart broke.

Disney / Via

We’re still not over it!

14. The clothing was period appropriate.

Disney / Via

15. Just look at the flapper style!

16. But most of all, Naveen was a real guy.

21. Even down to the gooey center.

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