A Compilation Of Reasons To Love Ryan Stiles

In honor of the best news possible: Whose Line Is It Anyway is returning to television! What a babe. Seriously. (Serious props to my favorite Tumblr on the internet.)

1. Come on. Don’t pretend you don’t want this.

He’s practically flawless.

ID: 948768

2. He’d come to the camera…

just so you’d get to feel like you were close to him.

ID: 948644

3. And he’d woo you with his reaction to any of his quirky identities.

ID: 948862

4. The friendship…

ID: 948866

5. The laughter…

ID: 948876

6. And, most of all, the love

(Time to admit this is almost as much of an ode to Colin Mochrie…)

ID: 948879

7. Seriously, the love these two shared!

The greatest bromance of all time

ID: 948670

8. And the looks between these two.

Like this!

ID: 948695

..or this…

ID: 948666

…or even when he was on the green screen and Colin got to rip on him.

ID: 948824

11. Ryan even makes a fairly convincing fish.

ID: 948729

12. Or a convincing egg!

(This is not the background on my phone…)

ID: 948738

13. He’s an especially convincing “Waffle Cat”

but that may have to do with him creating such a thing.

ID: 948786

14. And also an incredibly convincing deer.

ID: 948834

15. Ryan can even be a giddy little girl!

ID: 948749

16. Don’t forget this adorable moment!

When he accidentally dripped water on himself and had to film the rest of the episode trying to hide his accident.

ID: 948758

17. Ryan Stiles can even help teach kids about evolution!

What can’t Ryan do?

ID: 948814

18. And his worst look…

…kissing anyone but you (or Colin). Gross.

ID: 948652

19. Bonus! Just for laughs.

One of the funnier things I’ve seen on Whose Line Is It Anyway?

ID: 948615

20. Another bonus?!

(Only because I needed an excuse to look at the handsome Jeff Davis.)

ID: 948808

21. Oh, Ryan

Thank you for all the laughs!

ID: 948776

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