The Internet’s Best Rack City Parodies

Some songs just attract the web’s best parodiers, and “Rack City” is, right now, is that song. Thank you to Kelly R. for finding, watching and sharing most of these with me…And for sending me down this horrible, horrible k-hole.

1. “Lab Safety Kids”

This is Kelly’s favorite. It might be one of mine. It’s pretty perfect.

ID: 320317

2. “Sheetz, Inc. is a chain of gas stations/convenience stores owned by the Sheetz family. Stores are located in Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.”

ID: 320323

3. Pallet City (Yes, this one is about Pokémon.)

“I got Pokémon cards./
First edition Charizard.”

ID: 320366

4. This is the worst one. I wanted to included it to show you an example of a horrible “Rack City” parody for comparison reasons.

ID: 320372

5. Apparently, making a parody called “Math City” is a great way to get EXTRA CREDIT in school.

ID: 320383

6. Here’s one about the HISTORY OF MATH. A+ ladies!

ID: 320386

7. “Slope City”

“Slope-intercept form gotta find the b/
Where the line cross the y tell me what ya see”

ID: 320546

8. Want more extra credit? Here’s one about a drought.

ID: 320434

9. Let’s give this kid lots of credit for saying “TMNT” over & over again.

ID: 320404

10. There are also many, many “Cat City” ones, but this one is BY FAR the best.

ID: 320405

11. There are also a lot of videos themed around SNACK CITIES. Here is the best one.

ID: 320440

12. “Black President, Black Black Presideeeeeent”

ID: 320477

13. Here’s one about Nordstrom Rack?

ID: 320485

14. For when you literally have nothing else to work with: “Beach City”

ID: 320499

15. “Wolf Brand Chili is a brand of chili con carne currently owned by ConAgra Foods. It is available either with or without beans.”

ID: 320500

16. There are SO MANY about Call of Duty and “Lag,” but there is no way I’m watching them all. Here is one.

ID: 320504

17. I think this is racist?

ID: 320506

18. Another true gem: “Plaque City”

ID: 320508

19. I don’t like this, but it’s the only one about Yaks.

ID: 320527

20. Want to learn some more? Here’s another Extra Credit: “Prep City”

ID: 320529

21. I think this one’s about The Old Testament, but I could only get halfway through it.

ID: 320540

22. Soldiers LOVE song parodies.

ID: 320551

23. And here’s one I made.

Just kidding. But it’s my all-time favorite.

ID: 320560

24. We suspect this one was made for a Spanish class.


ID: 320626

25. You gotta work on your flow, man.

ID: 320605

26. Kids these days are a lot smarter, thanks to song parodies.

ID: 320636

27. And I’ll leave you with this.

ID: 320648

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