22 Mouth Watering Ways To Eat An Oreo

They might be milk’s favorite cookie…but they can be so much more.

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies stuffed with Oreos

Two cookies for the price of one! Recipe here.

ID: 1546075

2. Ice Cream Pie

Ice Cream + Oreos + Hot Fudge. What more could you want? Get recipe here.

ID: 1604360

3. Slutty Brownies

Who knew Oreo’s could be slutty? Find out how here.

ID: 1546112

4. Oreo Stuffed Reese’s

Because peanut butter and chocolate is delicious. Get recipe here.

ID: 1546121

5. Patrotic Oreos

Showing some American pride. Check out the tutorial.

ID: 1546125

6. Oreo Milkshake

Because it is like dipping your Oreo’s in milk…but better.

ID: 1546093

7. Oreo Tower

Because it is awesome.

ID: 1546126

9. Oreo Popcorn

Add some sweet to your salty. Find recipe here.

ID: 1546129

10. Oreo Brownies

Get recipe here.

ID: 1546130

11. Oreo Reindeer

For your holiday snacking.

ID: 1546128

12. Oreo Pudding Pops

For the summer time. Or really any time. Get recipe here.

ID: 1546132

13. Oreo Pudding Poke Cake

Get recipe here.

ID: 1604511

14. Deep Fried Oreo

Because everything is better deep fried.

ID: 1636396

15. Mint Oreo Cookies

Minty Fresh. Recipe here.

ID: 1604503

16. Cookies ‘n Cream Cupcakes

Get recipe here.

ID: 1604483

17. Oreo Donut

Better than a cronut? Find out for yourself here.

ID: 1636419

18. Oreo Pancakes

Cookies for breakfast! Find out how here.

ID: 1604527

19. Oreo Pops

Tutorial here.

ID: 1604539

20. Oreo Lasagna

Sounds disgusting. Looks amazing. Get recipe here.

ID: 1604545

21. Super Stuffed Oreo

How high can you make your stack? Tutorial here.

ID: 1604628

22. Oreogami

And finally, the most advanced Oreo consumption ever.

ID: 1604556

Happy Eating!

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