Archie Comic Debuts Its First Gay Kiss And Throws Shade At One Million Moms

Kevin Keller gets his first kiss and a dose of homophobia.

1. Last year, One Million Moms called for a boycott on the Archie comic that featured a gay marriage.

ID: 1478531

2. That issue was one of the few Archie comics that sold completely out.

As Dan Parent, a writer of Archie Comics, said, “We love One Million Moms!”

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3. Archie Comics then announced that it would feature a gay kiss in an issue that came out today.

Archie Comics / AP

Kevin Keller (who is the same character who got married) and his boyfriend kiss in today’s issue.

ID: 1478417

4. And the woman in this issue seems awfully familiar:

In fact, this homophobic mom rallies together 30 other homophobic moms in the area. Yep, these women were based on One Million Moms.

ID: 1478319

5. Big shout out to One Million Moms for making Archie Comics sell so well!

ID: 1478520

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