14 Reasons Kristen Stewart Would Be The Best Girlfriend

Lesbians have always had a thing for Kstew, and here’s why.

1. She shares your penchant for leather jackets:

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You could practically share wardrobes!

ID: 1537333

2. She looks great in a blazer:

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters
ID: 1538116


Mario Anzuoni / Reuters
ID: 1538351

3. She also looks great in flannel:

ID: 1538436

You’re clearly not human if this does nothing for you.

ID: 1538446

4. She’d be sensitive to your emotions.

ID: 1538815

5. She loves cats almost as much as you do.

ID: 1538359

6. She looks like she’d be a great kisser:

ID: 1539267

Scratch that, she is a great kisser.

ID: 1539310

7. Clearly, your sex life would be amazing:

ID: 1539074

Because she would…challenge you.

ID: 1538970

8. You’d have similar desires:


ID: 1538934

9. She knows what’s important:

ID: 1539007

10. She’d sometimes get distracted because she just wants to be close to you:

ID: 1539015

11. She has a way with words:


ID: 1539064

12. She takes joy in intimidating men:

ID: 1539137

13. Which means she would always protect you.

Yeah, I think we’re all pretty protective of that “certain thing.”

ID: 1539350

14. And of course, she’s totally unique.

ID: 1538843

So, Kristen, will you please switch teams and become my girlfriend?

Well, I thought I’d give it a shot.

ID: 1539492

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