Kristen Stewart And Her Many Girl Crushes

Kristen Stewart has always had a massive gay following, and she isn’t shy about her girl crushes. Now that she is single, just dream of the possibilites.

Apparently Kristen Stewart is a single lady now.

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And the queer girls of the world have always had an eye on her:

Tumblrs such as Team Gay Stew, Gay Stew Is Gay, and Hey Girl it’s KStew abound as evidence.

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Luckily, she has plenty of girl crushes to choose from.

*Note they simply asked for a crush, not a lady crush. WIN.

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If Kristen did answer all those queer girls prayers and swap teams, who could she have her eye on?

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1. She could give Amy Adams a call:

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Amy seems pretty giddy about the whole idea:

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2. Kirsten Dunst and her look cozy:

Kristen Stewart and Kirsten Dunst have almost the same first name, and would make a pretty cute power couple.

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Whispering sweet nothings?

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3. Charlize Theron:

You can’t deny that co-star chemistry.

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Charlize pretty much asked her out:

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And then asked her to make out:

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Kristen doesn’t seem so opposed.

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So enough already, who are you thinking about Kstew?

In our dreams anyway.

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