16 Reasons You’ll Miss Nasim Pedrad On “Saturday Night Live”

I came out tonight to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.

1. Carrie Mathison’s ugly cry face ain’t got nothing on Nasim.

ID: 3411342

2. I trusted you. We all trusted you. Now you’re leaving and Weekend Update just won’t be the same.

ID: 3411368

3. First Gilly, now SHALLON?!

ID: 3411358

Too soon SNL, too soon.

ID: 3411432

4. I think Nasim may have just missed her calling.

Move over Kim, a new music video star is born!

ID: 3411380

5. So this is the preview for her TED Talk, right?

ID: 3411389

6. No need to flirt Nasim, we already love you.

ID: 3411377

7. R.I.P Waking Up With Kimye. We were really hoping North West would make an appearance.

ID: 3411507

8. Here come the waterworks again.

ID: 3411394


ID: 3414362

9. Is this version of Aladdin in theaters yet?

ID: 3411399

Someone make it happen.

ID: 3411400

10. Could you get a more supportive sister?

ID: 3414424

11. Whoopsies.

ID: 3411402

12. Nasim does a better Rachel Green than Rachel Green herself.

ID: 3411404

13. If Nicki Minaj had a troop of minions, I imagine they’d look something like this:

ID: 3411415

14. If anyone’s gonna call Seth Meyers flakey little baklava, it’s gonna be Nasim.

ID: 3411420

15. Listen Santa, I’m only asking for one present this year. DON’T LET NASIM LEAVE SNL

ID: 3411452

16. Don’t you DARE wave at us. We’ll never be ready to say goodbye.

ID: 3411448

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