15 Young People Convinced They Are Super Old


1. This girl, who is the authority on what is officially “old age”: 25.

3. These kids, who are blown away by the concept that 25 is the same as one quarter of a century.

4. These people, who understand that as soon as women turn 30, life is all downhill.

5. This Tumblr user, who is terrified of the inevitable onslaught of wrinkles one gets at 21.

6. This person, who is aging quite gracefully.

8. This pesky 20-year-old.

9. This 18-year-old who clearly doesn’t understand that truly old people do not count down their birthdays two months out.

11. This person, who is one step from the grave.

13. This lady, who has the best life ever, but doesn’t even realize it.

15. This person, who just found her first gray hair and is about to have Miller Time.

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