14 Weird Vintage Beauty Ads

Here’s proof that the beauty industry has been messed up for decades.

1. This ’90s ad for Sun-In wanted to turn you into a popular girl. And a popular girl is someone people don’t like.

ID: 2343968

2. Here is a child being called “sexy.” Ew.

ID: 2344414

3. Remember this girls’ beauty brand popular in the ’80s and ’90s? Apparently you were supposed to buy it to make you feel better about your absentee father.

ID: 2344484

4. Sheesh. Tinkerbell really had a thing for stereotyping little girls.

ID: 2344487

5. Yes. Why can’t inanimate objects be more like people?

In the 1960s, women were “active, efficient, and feminine.”

ID: 2344557

6. This phrase tends to refer to a, um, different context. Right? I feel uncomfortable now.

ID: 2344918

7. Wonderful.

ID: 2344604

BTW, what is up with that fire with crazy eyes?!

ID: 2345551

8. Here’s a 1973 deodorant ad telling you how unfair the world is for women.

ID: 2343971

9. So…are the women supposed to be flowers who look like humans? Forest sprites? Members of a speed skating team?

It was the ’60s. Things were weird then. So who knows.

ID: 2344708

10. I never want to be described as having an “elfin” face.

ID: 2344716

11. This might end up being the most expensive lipstick she ever bought.

ID: 2344741

12. I don’t even know what this means but I’m pretty sure that slogan would never happen today.

ID: 2344339

13. It would appear this gentleman in this ’70s ad is so blown away by her beauty that he’s mistaken his groovy necklaces for food?

ID: 2344765

14. Whoa. I’m sure this was really awesome in the ’90s. And it’s still weirdly awesome now.

Can’t. Stop. Looking.

ID: 2345047

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