21 Visual Puns You Need To See To Appreciate


1. Space(bar): The final frontier.

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2. Clogged toilet. Literal potty humor.

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3. Butter-cup, baby?

ID: 3500692

4. Presumably, also into bondage.

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5. Legend-dairy. This person: Milkin’ it for all it’s worth.

ID: 3500798

6. Big foot caught on tape. This visual pun really toes the line.

ID: 3500805

7. This person has thyme on his hands. Clearly.

ID: 3500819

8. Punk rock. Rock out.

ID: 3500836

9. I dunno. He looks pretty happy to me!

ID: 3500846

10. Umm…whisk-key? Like alcohol whiskey? That’s just offensive to glorious whiskey everywhere.

ID: 3505725

11. Your parents probably wouldn’t get this. But this one is actually pretty clever.

ID: 3505931

12. Ear buds. Maybe they only play blue-grass music.

ID: 3505893

13. Pumpkin pie! It’s like Halloween and Thanksgiving brought together … by math.

ID: 3505894

14. It’s a Corona light. And who came up with this bright idea?

ID: 3505898

15. This is Cookie Monster’s replacement when he’s on vacation.

ID: 3505900

16. One Instagrammer had this meat idea.

ID: 3505910

17. Close quarters. This makes cents, but can I have my money back now?

ID: 3505937

18. Got the whole world in your hands? It’s surprisingly small.

ID: 3500694

19. Yes, she does indeed want the d-note, otherwise her scale would be incomplete.

ID: 3500747

20. Sink…or swim. It would appear this sink got bathted.

ID: 3505896

21. Oh god. Yah. We get it.

ID: 3500749

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