This Little Girl’s Reaction To A Sad Song Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

How can something so sad also be so cute?

1. This is what happens when a very sensitive toddler listens to “Feels Like Home” as sung by Chantal Kreviazuk.

ID: 3186741

2. A closer examination of this child’s psychological breakdown: The song begins — Something in your eyes — and the first pangs of sadness hit.

ID: 3186794

3. Then she just can’t. She’s lost herself.

ID: 3186795

4. This is bad, mom.

ID: 3186793

5. This song is too sad.

ID: 3186796

6. Why are you doing this to me??!!?!?!?!!??

ID: 3186798

7. Seriously, WHYYYYYYYY.

Sadness has never been so adorable.

ID: 3186799

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