24 Things People Who Cry All The Time Know All Too Well

Brb, crying myself a river.

1. Good-byes are the hardest. Even if your loved one is going away for just a few days.

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2. But you cry when you welcome them home too.

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Tears of love and relief.

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3. In fact, airports in general can make you misty just because of all the hellos/goodbyes surrounding you.

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4. There’s the awkward part of explaining your highly emotional tendencies to others.

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Well, OK, not “no reason.” Wait, does that sound better or worse?

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5. Going to the movies is always risky, even when you’re seeing a comedy. Because WHO KNOWS what sorrow and heartbreak those previews could contain.

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6. But it’s not like you’re a stranger to crying in public.

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7. You know that if the squint happens (you know, when your eyes well up with tears), it’s a precarious balance between crying or pulling it together.

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8. But sometimes it just comes out of nowhere and you can’t control yourself.

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9. You can frequently be seen doing “the dab.”

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Which is your own preview for the show. And that show is called Niagara Falls Face.

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10. However, you’ve yet to find a waterproof mascara that can actually withstand the river that is your tears.

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11. The first time you saw The Notebook, your Orca-like wails couldn’t be contained for hours.

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Old people who still love each other. God.

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12. And people JUST DON’T understand what they’re in for when they decide to watch Titanic with you.

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Fucking goddamned ballad of Jack and Rose. Their love WILL go on.

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13. You see what I’m saying?

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14. Sometimes even just TELLING the story of how you cried at a different point in time makes you cry.

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15. You’ve maaaayyyybe had the experience of your neighbors knocking on your door to see if you’re OK. Or to ask if there’s a dying animal in your apartment.

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16. “Allergies” is an “excuse” you know all too well.

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17. This movie. Sorry.

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18. Graduation season always gets to you, even if you’re not graduating.

Rites of passage! The cycles of life. Waaahhhhh.

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19. But year-round, the internet is always providing potential tearjerkers. Like those soldier returning home videos.

This isn’t even a real one. It’s a freakin’ Zillow commercial. Zillow! And I’m still emotional.

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20. And those animal rescue videos.

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21. And don’t even get me started on proposal videos.

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22. But sometimes you cry just because you’re so gosh-darn proud and full of love.

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23. But, you know, that’s just who you are. You cry a lot, and that’s OK.

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24. In conclusion, apologies if this post made you cry. But let’s hope it was a good kind of cry:

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