The 13 Most YOLO Moments Of Justin Timberlake’s Career

You go, girlfriend.

1. The time he almost broke the bed at a slumber party. YOLO.

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2. The time he decided to honor Stevie Wonder on the same day he dressed like a pimp. ‘Cause why the fuck not? He’s JT. YOLO.

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3. The time he jumped for joy. YOLOOOOOOO.

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4. The time he participated in this extremely precarious and dangerous situation, risking harm to both himself and Andy Samberg. YOLO.

ID: 1089402

5. The time he attempted to breakdance and touch his tongue to the floor simply because no one had ever done so before. Y to the O to the L-O.

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6. YOLO, motherfuckers.

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7. Basically, anyone who makes this face while in a car is having a YOLO moment.

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8. And anyone who dances on top of a car. Leave a message after the YOLO.

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images
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9. Takin’ a shower in a waterfall! YOLOLOLOLOLOLO.

ID: 1089299

10. The time he simultaneously grabbed his junk in public and protected his junk in public. YOLO indeed.

ID: 1089310

11. The time he laughed in the face of danger. YOL-OHYEAHHHH.

ID: 1089446

12. The time he rode into the 2003 MTV Movie Awards on a Segway like a distinguished gentleman. YOLO, good sir.

Robert Mora / Getty Images
ID: 1089397

13. And the time he dated Britney. Because the very nature of YOLO means one must take a risk. And sometimes that means finding out your girlfriend is crazy.

Lawrence Lucier / Getty Images
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