Someone Dubbed This Cat “Pattycake” Video In French It’s Shockingly Human

Whatttttt. So much cute.

1. You know this video…of two cats playing pattycake? ADORABLY?

ID: 2536497

2. Now, some smarty pants has dubbed it over, so these furry friends are now speaking French.

ID: 2536475

3. And it is a known fact: Anything that is already cute becomes a gagillion times cuter when it’s in French.

ID: 2536476

4. Of course, there are subtitles to help you out. Either way, their little spat is ridiculously human.

ID: 2536478

5. Check out these Frenchie felines here:

ID: 2536317

6. And, if you must, another wildly popular version in English.

ID: 2536326

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