Paul Rudd Delivers Award Winning Performance In ‘92 Toyota Commercial

Rudd and The Tercel…this is a thing of beauty.

1. Here’s Paul Rudd at the very start of his acting career, at a fresh 23-years-old, playing the brother of a guy who just got a cool new Toyota Tercel.

ID: 1294617

2. Let us review this epic performance. Ever the suave little bro, Paul works that leather jacket and landline while asking his big bro about THE NEW CAR.

ID: 1294656

3. PLOT TWIST! Paul wants to borrow THE NEW CAR. What will happen next?

ID: 1294658

4. Paul speeds to his brother’s house where there’s a tense moment. It appears as though our hero has been tricked! His dreams of driving THE NEW CAR are over!

ID: 1294657

5. Oh thank God. Big bro has a change of heart and Paul’s quest may now be fulfilled. He can now ride in the new Toyota Tercel. His life is perfect and complete.

ID: 1294676

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