21 Keychains From The ’90s You Almost Certainly Owned

Off da chain.

1. This “GIRLS RULE” coin purse because GIRL POWER!

ID: 3548753

2. This Backstreet Boys keychain because you want keys that way.

ID: 3550002

3. This Pokémon keychain cuz Pikachuuuuuu!

ID: 3548780

4. This Powerpuff Girls photo album keychain, because you had super powers, too.

ID: 3548755

5. This smiley face bottle cap number because smiley faces were HUGE.

ID: 3550003

6. This Super Soaker keychain because it is SUPER AWESOME.

ID: 3550051

7. This clear purse for holding your keys AND YOUR BUTTERFLY HAIR CLIPS FUCK YEAH.

ID: 3548762

8. This Nantucket Nectars keychain because you definitely had a free one at some point, everyone did.

ID: 3550098

9. This Barbie keychain, which doubled as the funnest time ever.

ID: 3549979

10. This alien keychain because aliens are mad cool.

ID: 3550116

11. This troll doll keychain because you knew what was up.

ID: 3549983

12. This trippy coin purse keychain which you still want just admit it, OK?

ID: 3548773

13. This Beavis and Butt-Head keychain because huhhh huh heeehhh hhehhh huhhh.

ID: 3550109

14. Giga Pet keychain because you cared for another life … and your keys.

ID: 3549994

15. This Angelica/Rugrats coin purse keychain because you were the boss.

ID: 3548779

16. This Donkey Kong Nintendo keychain because you were addicted to video games and proud of it.

ID: 3550056

17. This Spice Girls keychain because it was time to spice up your locks.

ID: 3550008

18. These Furby keychains because … Furbys were … cool?

ID: 3550085

19. This Lisa Frank keychain because LISA FRANK IS KING OF THE WORLD.

ID: 3550140

20. These Hit Clips keychains because you always had the latest in technology.

ID: 3550153

21. And this Little Mermaid keychain because you wanted to be where the keychains are. You wanna see, wanna see ‘em jangle. Runnin’ around on those — what’s the word again? — oh, KEYS.

ID: 3548798

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