How Skilled Are You?

Time to see how you’re getting through life’s obstacles.

    1. Look through your car manual or Google “flat tire” on your iPhone.
    2. Pull over, call AAA.
    3. Get out the jack, put on the spare, stay calm.
    4. Call your dad and ask him what’s best to do.
    1. Oh, god. The worst. Don’t trust me to do this.
    2. Just follow the instructions.
    3. I’ll manipulate someone into doing it for me.
    4. So good. I understand the logic behind Ikea furniture.
    1. Turn it into $2,000.
    2. Look at my budget and put towards paying off a debt.
    3. Go on a trip! Or buy something, man!
    4. Consult an expert. Or someone really good with money.
  1. 4.
    1. Can make something great, just give me a recipe.
    2. Wow people with your culinary “skills” when really everything came from the deli.
    3. Cooking + Me = Disaster
    4. I know my way around the kitchen and can whip stuff up without a recipe.
  2. 5.
    1. Haymitch
    2. Katniss
    3. Peeta
    1. Effie Trinket
    1. Go through a series of tests to identify the problem. You can probably get it back up.
    2. Call AT&T in a panic and get it back up … even though you didn’t understand anything the rep was talking about.
    3. Find the manual that came with the router and see if it offers a solution.
    4. Hop on to your neighbor’s unprotected WiFi network. (Fools!)
    1. Put out a cry for help on Twitter and the day is magically saved.
    2. Call a plumber ASAP.
    3. Walk away and pretend it wasn’t you.
    4. Cut flow to the tank, grab a plunger, become Insta-plumber.
    1. Ice it.
    2. Run it under cold water for a while.
    3. I’d either ice it or run under cold water, but I’m not quite sure?
    4. None of the above.
    1. Wheel of Fortune
    2. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
    3. Legends of the Hidden Temple
    1. The Price is Right
    1. “It was on the Internet.”
    2. “I will literally show you right now how I am right.”
    3. “It was on NPR. It’s true.”
    4. “Oh hey, want to see a magic trick?”

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