Dating In Your Twenties Vs. Dating In Your Thirties

Actually, let’s not just “hang out”?

1. In your twenties, you naively believe that your aspiring-whatever boyfriend will turn into your ideal guy.

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In your thirties, you’re looking for a grown-up. None of this “aspiring” shit.

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2. In your twenties, getting drunk on a first date is a GREAT first date.

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In your thirties:

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3. Twenties: A guy with kids is a dealbreaker.

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Thirties: You love kids!

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4. As a twentysomething, you can have a wedding Pinterest board and have it be funny/ironic.

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In your thirties, that shit’ll just make your friends worried about you.

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5. When you’re younger, you put up with so much bad and confusing behavior. WHY IS EVERYTHING SO BAD AND CONFUSING?

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Later on: Yeah, no.

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6. In your twenties, your friends may need to point out a guy’s flaws.

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In your thirties, you can do that just fine yourself.

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7. You before a first date in your twenties: Oh GOD, someone is going to judge you for the next two hours.

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You before a first date in your thirties: Nothing fazes you.

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8. Twentysomethings: If you’ve started seeing someone you like, you usually have sex by the second or third date. (Sometimes because you want to make them like you.)

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Thirtysomethings: Patience is a virtue.

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9. When you’re in your twenties and a guy pays for dinner, this is definitely included in the highlight reel you give your friend the next day.

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In your thirties, it’s notable if he didn’t pay for dinner.

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10. In your twenties, you’re all about PDA.

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In your thirties, you’re working on keeping your public displays of affection in check.

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11. In your twenties, you will date this guy. Over. And over. And over again.

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In your thirties, you date no one same guy over and over again because you’re way more selective.

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12. In your twenties, you feel the word “relationship” is taboo.

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In your thirties, you find there are people who will listen to your legitimate feelings on relationships.

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13. In your twenties, you’ll introduce just about any Justin-Bobby to your parents.

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In your thirties, they’re only meeting your man- or ladyfriend if you think it’s something serious.

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14. As a young’un, when it comes to love, you’re Norah Fucking Jones.

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When you’re older, you’re much more cautious.

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15. In your twenties, when you are in the beginning of a relationship, you are all up in their gchat.

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In your thirties, you prefer to maintain a bit of mystery.

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16. If you’re in your twenties and single, people naturally assume you’re on OkCupid. (You are.)

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When you’re in your thirties, you’re also on OkCupid. Begrudgingly.

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17. In your twenties: When you’re fed up with dating and being single and are about to freaking lose your mind, you think the problem is you.

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But in your thirties, you’ve reached a place of acceptance.

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18. But when you finally meet the one (and you will), you’ll forget all of this ever happened.

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