21 Magnificent Mid-Century Pics Of Paris

These dreamy black and white photos will make you want to Midnight-in-Paris yourself to another era.

1. 1968

Michael Holtz / Via robotcosmonaut.tumblr.com

Beauty in a cafe. (She’s smoking, but you shouldn’t.)

ID: 808579

2. 1960

Frank Horvat / Via greeneyes55.tumblr.com

A very fashionable lady waits. But for whom, we ponder.

ID: 808599

3. 1961

Keystone / Getty Images

From a young age, the French trust their children to do grocery shopping and not spend the money on drugs.

ID: 810311

4. 1960

Christer Strömholm / Via freecocaine.tumblr.com

Couple in La Methode cafe. Man inspects extremely interesting crumb on the table. Woman dreams of finding a man who doesn’t find crumbs interesting.

ID: 808609

5. 1961

Dancing in the streets on Bastille Day. Years later, a Motown song would turn this into a thing.

ID: 809992

6. 1955

Central Press / Getty Images

Beatniks just chillin’.

ID: 810185

7. 1955

Fox Photos / Getty Images

What clubbing in 1955 looked like.

ID: 810187

8. 1969

Henri Cartier-Bresson / Via 0rchid-thief.livejournal.com

Doggie, je t’aime.

ID: 809994

9. 1955

Vagn Hansen / Getty Images

Doggie, je t’aime: part deux.

ID: 810313

10. 1965

Keystone / Getty Images

Young ladies sun by the banks of the Seine. Jalouse much?

ID: 810190

11. 1956

John Sadovy / Getty Images

A French postal worker makes sure to smell each envelope before delivery to ensure it has been spritzed with the right amount of Chanel No. 5.

ID: 810341

12. 1966

John Pratt / Getty Images

Russian ballerina Sonia Petrovna waits for le bus, showing restraint by not dancing.

ID: 810195

13. 1955

George W. Hales / Getty Images

Menfolk in Paris do their part.

ID: 810203

14. 1950

Three Lions / Getty Images

Students from the Sorbonne kick it in the Luxembourg Gardens.

ID: 810210

15. 1960s

Two fine ladies at a cafe on the Champs-Élysées.

ID: 808616

16. 1955

Terence Le Goubin / Getty Images

Twin sisters avoid eye contact with a waiter.

ID: 810326

17. 1956

John Sadovy / Getty Images

These people are having highly philosophical conversations. Comme d’habitude.

ID: 810332

18. 1963

Keystone / Getty Images

On a visit to Paris, Jane Fonda demonstrates the single-gloved scarf-tying technique, a very difficult French move to master.

ID: 810354

19. 1956

Serge Berton / Getty Images

A man and his dog wait for the bar to officially open.

ID: 810355

20. 1955

Serge Berton / Getty Images

A ballerina demonstrates the correct way to enter the Parisian métro.

ID: 810359

21. 1964

John Pratt / Getty Images

A woman tries to work one of those new-fangled “parking meters.”

ID: 810391

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