10 Embarrassing (But Highly Entertaining) Videos Of People Working Out In The ’80s

The only time huge doses of cheese actually made you thinner.

1. The butt-slappage at 0:32 is a great way to work your palm muscle, but the triple push-up at 1:10 will turn you into a God.

ID: 852942

2. You can really get motivated when your instructor says “Mmmchicka mmmchicka.”

ID: 852982

3. Alyssa Milano’s “Teen Steam” video isn’t creepy at all.

ID: 853146

4. OMG ’80s face workout video. Best way to scare your new boyfriend with your morning routine.

ID: 853203

5. This is from a real 1987 movie called “Aerobicide” in which a killer starts murdering people in a gym…with a giant safety pin.

ID: 853093

6. Since this video includes low, medium, and high effort options, you can totally be that slacker on the left.

ID: 853126

7. Snack-cercising with Miss Piggy is obviously the best workout ever.

ID: 853000

8. The narrative intro to Lorenzo Lamas’ self defense workout video is a dramatic masterpiece in acid wash jeans.

ID: 853181

9. The instructor for Disney’s “Mousercise” doesn’t seem like she’s on cocaine at all.

ID: 853311

10. Skip to 3:15 to see Marine Jahan—aka the “Flashdance” body double—kill it.

ID: 853356

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