Tumblr Remembers Lily And James Potter, 32 Years On

Forget Halloween; October 31st is the anniversary of the day Harry Potter lost his parents to You-Know-Who.

1. This is how most of Tumblr views October 31st.

ID: 1894378

2. Starting at midnight, Tumblr users started preparing themselves for what was about to happen.

ID: 1894379

3. Some posts were just a whisper, a sign of what was to come.

ID: 1894381

4. Some shared their plans for the day.

ID: 1894382

5. This person is taking personal responsibility.

ID: 1894402

6. There were a lot of gif sets.

ID: 1894383

7. And a lot of reaction gifs.

Cue the ugly cry.

Warner Bros. / Via tumblr.com
ID: 1894385

8. There’s a fanmix, because your feels need a soundtrack.

Listen Here!

ID: 1894398

9. Some of it was just really weird.

Weirdly accurate?

ID: 1894388

10. Some of it only makes sense to Starkids.

ID: 1894392

11. But all of it was sad.

ID: 1894408

12. Because they were so perfect…

Warner Bros. / Via pinterest.com
ID: 1894410

13. And they died so young…

Warner Bros. / Via fanpop.com
ID: 1894412

14. So their baby could live.

Warner Bros. / Via wifflegif.com
ID: 1894413

15. #RIP

ID: 1898153

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