35 Truths That Every Seattleite Is Aware Of

Seattle has a lot of reasons to love itself.

1. Seattle is beautiful.

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2. It has mountains…

We love it when the mountains are out.

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3. Forests…

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4. Lakes…

Thatcher Kelley / Via Flickr: thatcherkelley

Seriously, Mt. Rainier is so majestic.

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5. And Puget Sound.

The ferries are pretty cool too.

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6. The Seattle uniform looks something like this:

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7. Umbrellas are for tourists.

The rain isn’t THAT bad.

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8. Whenever it snows it might as well be the end of the world.

You live on a hill, so driving is impossible.

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9. A little bit of your soul dies when you don’t properly sort your recycling.

You haven’t seen Styrofoam in years, and the idea of it makes you cringe.

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10. Seattle has the best seafood.

Salmon for days.

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11. Good Asian food is EVERYWHERE.

The pho is so good that Sabzi from the Blue Scholars wrote a song about it.

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12. Molly Moon’s = the best ice cream.

ID: 1049761

13. A burger from Dick’s Drive-In is always delicious.

Esquire crowned Dick’s the most life-changing burger joint.

ID: 1049762

14. You will die without coffee. Luckily, good coffee is everywhere.

You can find coffee all around Pike Place Market, including the original Starbucks.

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15. Everyone works at Microsoft.

Or Amazon. Or Boeing.

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16. It would have taken forever for Tom Hanks to travel by boat from his house on Lake Union to Alki Beach in Sleepless in Seattle.

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17. The Seafair Pirates are a friendly crew.

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18. Zombie sightings occur regularly.

This year’s Red, White, and Dead Zombie Walk is July 6.

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19. Everyone wishes they could go paintballing in Gas Works Park.

If Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles did it in 10 Things I Hate About You, then why can’t we?

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20. Seattle’s sports teams aren’t the greatest, but we love them anyway.

And nothing is better than the Mariners in 1995.

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21. Seattleites love the Sounders.

Sounders fans are proof that soccer can be successful in America.

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22. It’s all about the 12th man.

And Russell Wilson.

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23. Tailgating for Husky football is best done by boat.

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24. The Sonics are (hopefully) returning to the 206.

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25. Sorry, Sacramento, but Seattle is tired of suffering without a team.

This poll clearly demonstrates how Washington felt less than a year ago.

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26. Grunge is over.

It makes us sad.

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27. But Seattle’s music scene is very much alive.

We heart Macklemore.

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28. The Experience Music Project is kind of ugly but also kind of cool.

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29. The gum wall is also has the same ugly/cool thing going on.

But mostly it’s just gross.

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30. The only thing cooler than the Fremont Troll is the Fremont Troll Chia Pet.

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31. Dale Chihuly is Seattle’s glass god.

ID: 1051244

32. The Space Needle has a sense of humor.

It survived an Angry Birds attack.

ID: 1051258

33. Washingtonians have spoken, and marijuana is now legal.

The Seattle Police Department released this informative guide on marijuana use. The guide is called “Marijwhatnow?” and includes a Lord of the Rings YouTube video.

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34. Washington also voted in favor of gay marriage.

ID: 1051310

35. Seattle is very hipster-friendly.

It’s probably because the city is so underground. And chances are, you toured underground Seattle on a field trip.

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That is all.

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