The Real MacLaren’s Pub From "How I Met Your Mother"

The gang’s favourite pub is actually a real place. Ahead of the show’s imminent final season, take a look at its source material.

1. MacLaren’s Pub. The scene of all the best stories in How I Met Your Mother.

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2. But did you know it’s actually based on a real bar?

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3. This is McGee’s, the inspiration behind HIMYM’s MacLaren’s, the characters’ favourite bar.

It’s on W 55th St., New York

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4. Creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas used to drink there while working for Letterman on The Late Show

Though unlike Ted and Marshall, their apartment was a long way uptown, rather than upstairs.

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5. Sidenote: Recognize them? It might be from this Season 1 scene

They cameoed as actors playing paramedics in a complex Barney Stinson scheme.

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6. MacLaren’s was named for an Associate Producer on the show, who also gave his name to the bartender, Carl

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7. But McGee’s! It has a bar…

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8. Booths…

The most crucial similarity between the two.

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9. And a fireplace!

A questionable omission - there could have been some storylines around this.

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10. Originally, it was this mural that they wanted to include in the show

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11. Recognize that in the background?

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12. You can order HIMYM food

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13. They have HIMYM drinks

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14. They’ll even turn off sport for half an hour on Mondays

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15. The actors have been through a few times as well. Here’s Josh Radnor at McGee’s.

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16. Cobie Smulders

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17. Alyson Hannigan

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18. Barney Sti- Neil Patrick Harris at McGee’s

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19. Fans do occasionally try to copy the series

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20. And there’s some How I Met Your Mother swag around the place as well

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21. But most of the time, it’s an Irish bar, with beer…

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22. Atmosphere (especially around St. Paddy’s day)…

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23. And a really decent burger.

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24. Which is why they based MacLaren’s on it in the first place!

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