30 Reasons You Know You Work In PR

Don’t talk to me until I’m on my third cup of coffee. Via 99 Problems But A Pitch Aint One

1. This is how you wake up every morning:

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2. This is you before you first coffee:

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3. Your second coffee

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4. The third coffee hits the spot:

5. Looking at your inbox / to do list:

6. This is how your feel prepping for a trade show:

7. And your first new biz pitch:

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8. When three clients are demanding an immediate response to their questions:

9. Your reaction when a press release comes back for the seventh round of amendments:

Comedy Central / Via

10. But when they approve an opinion article without any amends:

NBC / Via

11. This is how you spend every lunch:

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12. You’re struggling to get coverage and a journalist is interested in covering your client:

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13. When you talk with a journalist on Skype:

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14. When you a get a great piece of coverage:

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15. Sharing a great piece of coverage with the client:

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16. Having to do a telephone briefing with a client at 5pm:

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17. When you have to tell a client bad news:

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18. How you respond to all your emails:

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19. When you send a press release to the wrong client:

20. When another account team lands a great piece of coverage that didn’t feature your client:

21. When you find out a journalist is writing a feature that’s relevant to your client:

Nickelodeon / Via

22. Explaining to your friends why you’re stressed:

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23. You use ‘PR speak’ with your non-PR friends…

Their reaction:

Your reaction:

CBS / Via

24. When you’re sitting in on an interview with a client and this happens…

25. When you come in after a week off and look at your inbox:

New Line Cinema / Via

26. After all your hard work a client says you’ve done a good job:

Comedy Central / Via

27. When you have to re-arrange an interview for the fourth time:

28. When you see a news story about your client that you know they’ll dislike:

The Weinstein Company / Via

29. What happens when you finally make it home:

30. And of course…

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