18 Animals Who Love Spring Break

It’s Spring Break, and you know what that means…

1. It’s time to party!

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2. First things first, let’s hit up the beach before it gets too crowded

ID: 1025558

3. Grab a buddy and take a surfing lesson

ID: 1025574

4. Or maybe soaking up the rays is more your style

ID: 1025580

5. Just remember to stay well stocked on beverages!

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6. Beach getting crowded? No problem - Just move the party to a boat!

ID: 1025599

7. A sailboat works, too

ID: 1025602

8. Always make sure everyone’s wearing proper safety gear!

ID: 1025631

9. Speaking of gear, you could always go for a dive

ID: 1025637

10. Time for another round of drinks, then it’s off to the pool

ID: 1025643

11. Make sure to invite all of your friends

ID: 1025647

12. Grab a raft and relax!

ID: 1025549

13. In a pinch a kiddie pool will do

ID: 1025649

14. Don’t forget to bring a towel!

ID: 1025651

15. Once the sun sets, it’s time to hit the bars

ID: 1025653

16. Maybe even do a little dancing

ID: 1025659

17. The next morning is never fun, especially when you have to get up early to pack

ID: 1025664

18. In fact the only thing worse is getting home and realizing you still have to write that paper

ID: 1025672

Hey, it’s better than staying home the whole time though, right?

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