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  • So You Want to Give Up Red Meat

    Quite a few people are trying to give up meat in the new year—either for health reasons or because they want to be semi-vegetarians. Here are a few strategies for the meat lover trying to survive without beef, lamb, and pork. (In case you were wondering, I DO know that tofu is a great source of protein, and that it melds beautifully with whatever sauce you throw it into. But I’m not a tofu fan so I left it out!)

    LaTinque a year ago 3 responses

  • Oat Cuisine: 9 Uses for Oatmeal

    Baby, it’s cold outside! January is National Oatmeal month for a reason. Oatmeal is full of minerals and fiber, providing healthy, slow-burning carbohydrates that, as our mothers used to tell us, “stick to your ribs.” Here are nine ways to use this tasty, nutritious grain to boost your morale in cold weather. (And just in case you were looking for an adjective to describe them all, that word would be “avenaceous”—relating to or like oats.)

    LaTinque a year ago 1 response