24 Things You’ll Only Find In The Philippines

Find out what puts the the thrilla’ in Manila.

1. Soda in a plastic bag:

ID: 3322943

2. The game Tumbang Preso:

For those that don’t know, Tumbang Preso is a game usually involving a milk can or bottle of some kind. There’s one guard and then the other players will try to knock over the can with their pamatos (usually a rock or shoe). If a player is tagged when trying to recover their pamato, they become IT.

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3. Eating developing duck embryo, aka Balut:

ID: 3322846

4. This perfect candy treat for the full of shit person in all of our lives:

ID: 3322831

5. This extreme carpool:

ID: 3323831

6. This road sign:

ID: 3322889

7. And this truck:

ID: 3322933

8. These consolation prizes:

ID: 3322906

9. This dog going for a ride:

Dog hanging on to his owner while riding on the back of a motorcycle. #onlyinthephilippines

— stephannie stevenson (@stephstevensonn)
ID: 3322962

10. This Wi-Pie to go:


— Biebs✨ (@MacDreaD)
ID: 3322969

11. This boy carrying this dog through flood waters:

Romeo Ranoco / Via Reuters
ID: 3323734

12. This gathering of friends in the aftermath of heavy rains because Filipinos have the most fun:

Camille Buhain / Via
ID: 3323027

13. And this wedding kiss during a heavy rain:

ID: 3323044

14. This colorful Jeepney:

#onlyinthephilippines Jeepney :))

— Crazy Chick ♡ (@OhMyBarbieBlank)
ID: 3323100

15. These guys selling ice cream IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN:

Ice cream in the middle of the ocean :-) #onlyinthephilippines

— Geryll Pangilinan (@GryllPnglnn)
ID: 3323117

16. And this guy selling FRESH COCONUT JUICE:

ID: 3323336

17. This snowman:

ID: 3323170

18. And this pink cat GrabTaxi:

ID: 3323194

19. This food cart:

ID: 3323205

20. And purple yam jam:

ID: 3323257

21. The sweet tofu snack, called Taho:

ID: 3323305

22. This husband day care center:

ID: 3323326

23. Views like this:

ID: 3323247

24. And breathtaking sunsets like this:

ID: 3323484


An earlier version of this post included a photo depicting a fan watching a fight between Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley in the middle of the street. It was actually a photo shot in Bangkok and has since been removed.

ID: 3329368

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