16 Signs That Your Harry Potter Books Are Actually Your Best Friend

Best friends forever? Always.

1. Your Harry Potter books just GET you.

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2. And they are always there for you when you’re sick.

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3. Or if you’re just having a bad day.

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4. No matter how much time passes between visits, it’s still just as great as always.

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5. Your Harry Potter books can easily hang out with your family and become a part of it.

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6. And going on trips with them is so much fun!

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7. You can finish your Harry Potter books’ sentences.

It’s, like, very adorable.

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8. And you share a very special bond, because you grew up together.

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9. Being around your Harry Potter books is pretty much the best thing ever.

And you don’t even have to be doing anything exciting to have the most fun ever!

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10. You share your own language.


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11. You take the best photos together.

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12. Your Harry Potter books and a happy hour cocktail? That’s all they want for you.

They know what makes you happy.

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13. They’re happy to be involved in your wedding.

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14. And they understand you better than anyone else.

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15. You and your Harry Potter books share many inside jokes.

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16. And your Harry Potter books promise to ALWAYS be there for you… and they never let you down.

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