16 Signs That Your Harry Potter Books Are Actually Your Best Friend

Best friends forever? Always.

1. Your Harry Potter books just GET you.

2. And they are always there for you when you’re sick.

3. Or if you’re just having a bad day.

4. No matter how much time passes between visits, it’s still just as great as always.

5. Your Harry Potter books can easily hang out with your family and become a part of it.

6. And going on trips with them is so much fun!

7. You can finish your Harry Potter books’ sentences.

It’s, like, very adorable.

8. And you share a very special bond, because you grew up together.

9. Being around your Harry Potter books is pretty much the best thing ever.

And you don’t even have to be doing anything exciting to have the most fun ever!

10. You share your own language.


11. You take the best photos together.

12. Your Harry Potter books and a happy hour cocktail? That’s all they want for you.

They know what makes you happy.

13. They’re happy to be involved in your wedding.

14. And they understand you better than anyone else.

15. You and your Harry Potter books share many inside jokes.

16. And your Harry Potter books promise to ALWAYS be there for you… and they never let you down.

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