These Hunger Games Inspired Wedding Dresses Will Make You Wish You Were Getting Married ASAP

These dresses are on fire!

1. Wedding dress shopping can be exciting and fun or can be just as stressful as showing up to the Reaping.

If you dream of having a Hunger Games wedding, here are some ideas to help you out in the arena! (Uh, I mean, choose a dress!)

2. Here’s a realistic version of Katniss’s wedding dress.

I mean, the detail is just astonishing!

3. This feather-like dress is just divine!

Represent the Mockingjay!

4. This bride decided to wear this beautiful dress with a bow and arrow….DAT BRAID THO.

I’d fight in the Hunger Games to have a braid like that!

5. White not your desired color? Be the Girl on Fire and go RED.

Now imagine having red and gold rhinestones down your arm. YASSS.

6. Here’s another red design if you do not wish to have the one-shoulder look.

This dress looks like how flames move. HOT

7. Effie would approve.

Great for the non-traditional bride!

8. If you happen to live in the capitol, here’s a dress that’ll make all the stylists jelly.

I mean, just WOW

9. Here’s another for good measure.

This one is my favorite!

10. On a budget? Be the hardcore fan you are and make yourself one!

*Note: this might actually just be a costume. But to each their own!

11. And finally, black for the true leader of the rebellion.

Take that, President Snow!


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