14 Signs You’re An Unemployed College Graduate

I thought a college degree was going to help me get the job.

1. You’ve started asking your parents for money.

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I’ll pay you back one of these days, Dad!

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2. You’re now waking up after 1 p.m everyday.

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3. You can no longer afford going out three nights in a row.

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4. You probably spend most of the day at home in sweatpants.

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5. You’ve watched back-to-back episodes of Maury.

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I KNEW IT!!! The baby had his nose!!!

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6. You’ve considered getting your master’s degree online at a school with a 1-800 number.

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7. You’ve spent hours editing and sending out your cover letter and resume.

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“Dear Anyone Who Will Hire Me…”

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8. You’ve considered switching careers.

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It sounds easy enough.

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9. “Networking” means sending emails to alumni you’ve stalked on LinkedIn.

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10. You know how to deal with rejection emails.

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11. You didn’t exactly nail your last job interview.

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12. You’ve realized that are other grads struggling to find jobs, too.

The Struggle Bus is PACKED!

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13. And although the “real world” can be tough…

Paramount Pictures / Via be-my-head.tumblr.com
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You know you have to be persistent:

The CW / Via weheartit.com
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14. Class of 2014, Congratulations! Let’s show this job market who’s boss!

NBC / City Tv / Via wifflegif.com
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