A Ravens Receiver Just Won A Football Victory For Gay Rights

Jacoby Jones beat pro football’s resident homophobe, Chris Culliver, for a tremendous touchdown.

1. In the second quarter of the Super Bowl, Joe Flacco dropped back and threw up a bomb on 3rd and 10.

2. And it was the right move: Flacco had a wide open Jacoby Jones sprinting down the field. Jones makes the grab —

3. — then gets up and takes it into the end zone. Great throw, great catch, great touchdown. But wait — who was it that Jones beat?

4. Is it? Yep: that’s Chris Culliver. Remember Chris Culliver?

5. Yeah, that Chris Culliver.

Culliver made these inflammatory comments earlier this week. He has since pledged to get sensitivity training after the season, and the 49ers publicly admonished him.

6. TAKE THAT, CULLIVER. (That = karma.)

Bobby Yip / Reuters

7. So, dance on, Jacoby Jones. Not only did you score a touchdown in the Super Bowl — you also won a victory for LGBT rights.

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