24 Badass Traits That Make Robin Scherbatsky Your Ultimate Role Model

“I love a Scotch that’s old enough to order its own Scotch.”

1. Robin is chock-full of confidence and self-assurance.

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2. She grew up reading zines, listening to Riot Grrrl, and not conforming to social norms.

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3. When it comes to getting what she wants, Robin doesn’t shy away from intimidation tactics.

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4. And doesn’t live her life according to the rules others set out for her.

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5. She has no problem telling off a co-worker when they’re being annoying.

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6. And generally comes out on top of the arguments she has with her significant others.

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7. The people in Robin’s life know better than to mess with her.

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8. And people certainly don’t cross her when she’s at home in her natural habitat: Canadian-NYC bars.

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9. Robin can hold her own at basically any social gathering.

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10. And can drink everyone else under the table.

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11. She rarely experiences the hardship of rejection.

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12. Despite how she lets everyone see her true colors, even when they’re not all that flattering.

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13. Robin never backs down from a spontaneous dance-off — or any competition, for that matter.

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14. Robin embraces her past — regardless of how embarrassing it is — since it helped her become who she is now.

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15. Look at how she multitasks in the bathroom when getting ready in the morning.

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16. And always makes sure she’s dressed to impress.

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17. She doesn’t have any tolerance for pessimistic friends who bring her down.

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18. And rejects all shame, even though she’s not the most photogenic person.

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19. Robin unapologetically challenges gender norms and how others expect her to behave.

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20. And would rather be honest with someone than leave them guessing as to how she really feels.

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21. Robin’s no stranger to mean mugging and side-eyeing when necessary.

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22. And doesn’t need anyone’s help to finish an entire meal (or party-sized cake) by herself.

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23. She has enough chutzpah to weather any storm.

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24. And is wholeheartedly 1,000% awesome.

CBS / Via darkhorse.tk
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