The Heartwarming Surprise One Boyfriend Gave His Girlfriend After She Was Robbed


1. Last week, someone broke into New York native Manini Gupta’s car.

Brian Flynn / Via Facebook

2. They shattered her windows and stole her computer and headphones, so her boyfriend Brian Flynn surprised her on Easter.

Brian Flynn / Via Facebook

3. He replaced her stolen headphones and bought her a brand new computer.

Brian Flynn / Via Facebook

Flynn wrote on Facebook: “I took this video because I wanted to capture someone I love in a moment of true happiness. I decided to share it because I thought it might inspire some of you to do something awesome for someone that you care about, especially if they’re feeling down or to remember a time that you needed help and someone did something ridiculous for you.”

5. The surprise brought Gupta to tears.

Brian Flynn / Via Facebook

6. Watch the adorable video here:

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