34 Lessons "The Notebook" Taught Us About Love

“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.”

1. Don’t be too shy to tell someone how you really feel.

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2. Going to the movies is usually a safe first date, if you can concentrate on the actual movie.

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3. Be adventurous and try new things, even if they seem a little scary at first.

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4. And take advantage of the seemingly small but beautiful moments life gives you.

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5. Compromising is important, but don’t change who you are entirely just to please another person.

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6. And small romantic gestures can go a long way.

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7. Don’t underestimate how crucial lust is to a successful romantic relationship.

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8. Not to mention, physical attraction is pretty essential as well.

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9. Yep… pretty essential.

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10. Spend time with friends who understand how you feel about each other.

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11. And enjoy every opportunity you have to make new memories that you’ll always cherish.

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12. Because life really is just a series of perfect moments strung together.

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13. You’ll get into arguments and disagree from time to time because no one’s perfect.

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14. But having a good sense of humor can help you get through the tough times.

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15. Because you really shouldn’t let a day go by together without laughter.

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16. Your heart doesn’t always care about logic or what’s necessarily practical.

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17. Because the heart wants what it wants.

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18. And you should honor that.

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19. You should defend and fight for your relationship in the face of adversity.

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20. Unconditional love means caring about someone’s happiness and well-being regardless of personal gain.

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21. Don’t doubt yourself and always trust your instincts.

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22. It’s important to communicate your feelings.

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23. And no one ever complains about receiving heartfelt, handwritten love letters.

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24. Especially if you fill those love letters with insightful and profound honesty.

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25. Every single moment of every day won’t always be rainbows and butterflies.

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26. But as long as you’re happy every day, you’re probably doing something right.

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27. When you give your heart to someone, it’s not easy to let go.

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28. But don’t worry, it’s not always too late to reclaim your place in someone’s life.

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29. Relationships aren’t always easy — in fact, sometimes they can be really, really hard.

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30. But if you follow your heart and don’t worry about what others think is best for you, things will be OK.

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31. Because the best kind of love is one that can weather any storm.

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32. A strong bond and mutual affection can bring you a lifetime full of happiness.

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33. Most importantly, true love can be one of the most incredible things you share with another person.

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34. And can last in your heart and mind forever.

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