21 Incredibly Offensive Things That You Should Never Say To A Woman

When women were asked what the most misogynistic thing a man has ever said to them was, these were their responses. Inspired by this Quora thread.

1. “You have a pretty face, but you should get a boob job to be a complete package.”

Right, because women should be defined by fake beauty ideals.


ID: 2584885

2. “Women should get married by 25. After that they start losing their beauty.”

20 Century Fox

Try telling Meryl Streep that.


ID: 2585000

3. “You are smart for a girl.”

And you’re seriously insensitive for a human being in the 21st century.


ID: 2585023

4. “Women can’t run a marathon because of the shape and placement of their hip bones.”

Have you ever watched the Olympics?


ID: 2584872

5. “If you want to make it in academia, get tenured before getting pregnant.”

The Weinstein Company / Via wildinmind.tumblr.com

Should women also prepare for more ignorant conversations like this?


ID: 2585107

6. “You can’t be a good CEO and a good mom at the same time.”

So men can’t be good dads and CEOs at the same time?


ID: 2584902

7. “Girls don’t have dreams and aspirations.”

Universal Pictures / Via reactiongifs.com

Nope. None. Nada. Zero.


ID: 2585113

8. “Girls aren’t cut out for math and computer science, their minds just don’t work that way.”

Right, women’s brains can’t comprehend that you + this thought = stupid.


ID: 2585070

9. “This is why women shouldn’t drive.”

Is that what you said when a woman chauffeured your ass everywhere during your childhood?


ID: 2584932

10. “Of course you’ll get the job, the boss is a man after all.”


You’re right. Resumés and hard work don’t matter at all.


ID: 2584987

11. “Who are you, the secretary?”

The Weinstein Company / Via m1nger1ak.tumblr.com

Who are you, a misogynistic tool?


ID: 2585050

12. “You should think again about being a physics major. There aren’t many women who are successful in physics.”

Two words: Marie Curie.


ID: 2584841

13. “She’s kind of asking for it by putting it all out there like that.”

Lifetime / Via reactiongifs.com

Sure, and you’re asking to be robbed just by owning a wallet.


ID: 2585019

14. “If you become a surgeon, no man will be happy marrying you.”

Um, have you ever heard of Meredith Grey?


ID: 2584965

15. “Why would a pretty girl like you want to work as a police officer?”

To protect others from the likes of you.


ID: 2585027

16. “Girls can’t do math.”

Mary Cartwright, Alicia Scott… no? Not ringing a bell?


ID: 2585036

17. “You should be flattered that you have a stalker.”

Columbia Pictures / Via jessygolightly.tumblr.com

Yeah, felonies, man. Constantly fearing death. That’s extremely flattering.


ID: 2587001

18. “You don’t look like an engineer.”

And tell me, what exactly does an engineer look like?


ID: 2585097

19. “Try to find a rich husband.”

20th Century Fox / Via indieminduk.tumblr.com

Yup, that’s the ONLY WAY a woman can find happiness.


ID: 2585141

20. “Don’t take it so seriously, sweetheart.”

Touchstone Pictures / Via popsandculture.tumblr.com

Should women just calm down and relax too?


ID: 2585164

21. “I knew girls had it easier.”



Yup. Childbirth is easy, fighting for their bodies is easy, unequal rights in the workplace is easy, and dealing with unintelligent comments like this is SUPER EASY.


ID: 2586595

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