Do You Actually Love 50 Cent?

Would you love him if he was down and out? Find out in 21 questions.

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images
  1. 1. If he fell off tomorrow would you still love him?
    Interscope Records / Via allmusic.com
  2. 2. If he didn't smell so good, would you still hug him?
    Interscope Records / Via perezhilton.com
  3. 3. If he got locked up and sentenced to a quarter century, could he count on you to be there to support him mentally?
    Jared C. Tilton / Getty Images
  4. 4. If he went back to a hoopty from a Benz, would you poof and disappear like some of his friends?
    Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images
  5. 5. If he was hit and he was hurt, would you be by his side?
    Jeff Bottari / Getty Images
  6. 6. If it was time to put in work, would you be down to ride?
    Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images
  7. 7. If he ain't rap cause he flip burgers at Burger King, would you be ashamed to tell your friends you're feeling him?
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images
  8. 8. In the bed if he used his tongue, would you like that?
    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
  9. 9. If he wrote you a love letter, would you write back?
    Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images
  10. 10. Would you leave him if your father found out he was thugging?
    Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images
  11. 11. Do you believe him when he tells you you the one he's loving?
    Bryan Bedder / Getty Images
  12. 12. Are you mad cause you're answering 21 questions?
    Jason Merritt / Getty Images
  13. 13. Are you his soulmate?
    Bryan Bedder / Getty Images
  14. 14. Do you trust him enough to tell him your dreams?
    Mike Coppola / Getty Images
  15. 15. If he was down, would you say things to make him smile?
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images
  16. 16. If he was with some other chick and someone happened to see, and when you asked him about it he said it wasn't him, would you believe him or up and leave him?
    Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images
  17. 17. How deep is your bond if that's all it takes for you to be gone?
    Francois Durand / Getty Images
  18. 18. Could you love him in a Bentley?
    Brad Barket / Getty Images
  19. 19. Could you love him in a bus?
    Jason Merritt / Getty Images
  20. 20. Would you love him if he was down and out?
    Brad Barket / Getty Images
  21. 21. Would you still have love for him?
    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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