The Tale Of Rude Dog’s Trashcapades

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1. This is Rudie. Rudie loves a good adventure.

ID: 1272250

2. Once upon a time, Rudie was rescued from a shelter.

ID: 1272257

3. Rudie made himself right at home…

ID: 1272260

4. “I think we’ve been robbed. There used to be bacon in there.”

ID: 1272266

5. He rearranged the kitchen for his humans

ID: 1272269

6. He got a little hungry sometimes and helped himself…

ID: 1272271

7. He tried to help and do the dishes while his humans were at work

ID: 1272274

8. He tried to learn how to unload the dishwasher

ID: 1272278

9. Tried to cook his humans a nice meal..

ID: 1272282

10. He just wanted to help!

ID: 1272290

11. Tuesday, June 21, 2011. Rude Dog’s day is chronicled by a hidden camera.

2:52PM: Rudie checks the counters

ID: 1272311

2:55PM: Rudie checks the stove.

ID: 1272313

2:56PM: Re-checking the counters.

ID: 1272315

3:05PM: Pulling Mom’s tote bag off the coat rack.

ID: 1272316

3:15PM: Opens the cabinets. Coat rack is defeated.

ID: 1272320

3:17PM: Re-checking the sink.

ID: 1272321

17. “But despite his trashcapades, Rudie is ruv’d very much and his family wouldn’t trade him for a well-behaved pup anyday.”

ID: 1272293

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