17 Of The Weirdest & Most Awkward Leggings

I don’t know if these would look good on anyone.

1. Superheroes

Hey Batman!

ID: 1207864

2. Happy Elmo

Elmo, you seem to happy!

ID: 1207745

3. Ironman

Tony, I barely know you…

ID: 1207839

4. Baby Sesame Street

Cookie Monster! Where did you get that cookie?

ID: 1207827

5. Rainbows & Monsters

Farting rainbows

ID: 1207876

6. Disney Princesses

Belle, you’re a little too close for comfort.

ID: 1207902

7. Sesame Street Characters

Where ya goin Bert?

ID: 1207753

8. Kitty Pants

I mean they’re cute.. but all I think of is another word for cat..

ID: 1207920

9. King Kong


ID: 1207929

10. Psy

ID: 1207935

11. Faces

Maybe we don’t put those two faces in that particular spot…

ID: 1207938

12. Bart Simpson

WHOA Bart, Mister grabby hands

ID: 1207951

13. Muscles

Yes… I want to see all my muscles…

ID: 1207995

14. Slimed

Oh hey guys, it’s just slime coming from under my shorts NBD.

ID: 1207997

15. Ants

yeah…. no thank you.

ID: 1208016

16. Star Wars

Watch that light saber!

ID: 1208027

17. Veins

Excuse me, your veins are showing…

ID: 1208037

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