13 Signs You’re Obsessed With “The Sims”

Enter the void.

1. You’ve dated all your celeb crushes.

If I've ever had a crush on you, we've been married in the Sims.

2. You are now attracted to 3D animation.

Watching Sims make out arouses me way more than it should...

3. You count down to when you can play Sims again.

Only thing that get me trough the day is knowing that when I get home I can play Sims 😅

4. You value The Sims more than you value food.

Deciding on buying sims 4 or having food to eat ... #thestruggleisreal #adultdecisions #dontwanttogrowup

5. Your loved ones have left you a plate of food that you only discovered hours later.

I haven't slept in a few days because I've been addicted to playing the sims my boyfriend is starting to worry.

6. You learn the best life lessons from your favorite Sims.

I learned all my dance moves from the sims 3... There's a reason I don't dance.

7. You have a dedicated Sims budget.

I've spent $290 on The Sims 3 and assorted expansion packs. I'm not even sorry

8. You feel like your Sims have really ~earned~ their happiness.

I feel like I'm much happier for two of my Sims getting engaged than two of my friends.

9. You think all dogs are worth petting, even animated ones.

I seriously think I have an addiction to Sims 3 pets.....-_- but I just can't stop playing.....

10. The Sims dictates when you sleep.

I'm waking up in the middle of the night just to play the sims 4 the moment it releases

11. The Sims helps you dream big.

I like to play Sims because I can make my life how I always planned it as a kid

12. You’ve uttered the phrase, “Vengeance will be mine!”

My best friend and I make Sims based off of people we don't like and give them really terrible lives.

13. Copious tears have been spilled.

I was playing the sims 3 today and my sim's daughter died in a fire.. I don't think I've ever cried this ha

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