31 Signs Eleven Is Your Doctor

You love all the Doctors, but you’ll miss Matt Smith’s escapades the most.

1. You know this to be true.

ID: 1233415

And that’s not the only thing he made cool.

ID: 1233424

2. “Space Gandalf” is the highest compliment you can pay someone.

ID: 1234090

3. Or maybe this is.

ID: 1234340

4. 1969 is your idea of a perfect family vacation.

ID: 1234010

5. The Lodger is the episode you’ve seen the most because of reasons.

ID: 1234080

6. This is your favorite place in the universe.

Actually, it might be in the swing seat underneath the control panel.

ID: 1235518

7. You call the TARDIS by her proper name.

ID: 1234156

8. You think nose boops are an appropriate way to flirt.

ID: 1234214

9. And you’ve asked someone out for texting and scones before.

ID: 1235223

10. This your version of a sock on the doorknob.

ID: 1237229

11. You love ruining a good bachelor party.

ID: 1236316

12. This particular color green warms your heart.

ID: 1234136

13. This is the most accurate GIF set you’ve ever seen in your life.

ID: 1234684

14. You’d never not mention that Eleven was hot.

ID: 1234364

15. You reblogged this on your tumblr to ensure that your soul wouldn’t be uploaded to the wifi.

ID: 1235678

16. You talk out loud to yourself frequently.

ID: 1236309

17. You can’t resist a good high five.

ID: 1237216

18. Or an opportunity for a classy European greeting.

ID: 1237222

19. The word raggedy always make you tear up a little.

ID: 1234488

20. Your weapon of choice is a cookie.

ID: 1234550

21. The only thing that terrifies you more than this…

ID: 1234701

23. But you know who the true enemy has been all along.

ID: 1235602

24. You’re really into things that are almost impossible.

ID: 1237540

25. You have an inexplicable love for all things Roman.

ID: 1237269

26. Vincent Van Gogh is your favorite painter of all time.

ID: 1236285

27. You sit on every chair as if it’s a throne.

ID: 1236321

28. You’re fluent in baby.

ID: 1236329

29. You understand the phrase “cosmic 9 year old”.

ID: 1235285

30. This is how you psych yourself up in the mirror.

ID: 1235330

31. You know that we’re all just stories in the end…

ID: 1235326

…and that’s really okay, as long as you make it a good one.

Thank you Matt Smith for all these great adventures, you will be sorely missed.

ID: 1234174

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