17 Reasons Why The Men Of Tumblr Are The Best


1. Because they ask the tough questions.

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2. Because they always indulge our curiosity.

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3. Because their #tbt is better than yours.

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4. Because they’re man enough to admit who run the world. It’s Bey.

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5. Because they can’t resist a double dog dare.

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6. Because they’re really just here to nurture you.

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7. Because they’re all about open lines of communication.

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8. Because they appreciate true love.

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9. Because they’re not into gender roles, just into friendship.

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10. Because bulldozers make for the best pranks.

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11. Because their medical advice for splinters is a good buddy cop comedy.

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12. Because they’re men of their word.

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13. Because they’re risk takers.

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14. Because they’re prepared for the darkest of days.

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15. Because they know when to roll up the partition (on haters).

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16. Because they have super relatable problems.

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17. But mostly because they’re on your level.

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