24 Reasons Why Living In A Post-Apocalyptic World Would Be Awesome

It’s all about the silver lining fellow warriors.

1. Your belief that you’re better than everybody else is now actually true.

I mean sure, there’s like 10 people left alive in the entire world but still. Bow down before the queen.

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2. There’s no limit to the amount of leather you can pull off.

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3. Really anything’s game fashion wise.

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4. This is an acceptable way to greet people.

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5. Because fuck social niceties.

Let’s be honest you were never that good at them anyway.

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6. No really though.

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7. You’ll finally have time to learn how to crochet from an alien.

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8. That $300 dollar investment finally paid off.

And everybody laughed when you said katanas were cool.

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9. You’re allowed to just take shit.

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10. Alternately, wrecking shit is totally okay.

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11. You can dance like no one’s watching.

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12. Money is totally useless and everyone’s just as poor as you.

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13. Because fuck doing dishes.

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14. Your natural distrust of the man will probably save your life.

Yes this is from a really weird GE commercial, but it’s still a world we wouldn’t want to live in.

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15. It’s never too early to start drinking.

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16. You can literally set anything on fire and it’s totally cool.

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17. You can smoke all you want because honestly, something else will take you out way before lung cancer.

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18. You finally have a second to appreciate the beauty of nature.


ID: 1128225

19. You get to make the best entrances.

Oh hai, just casually rappelling into a battle.

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20. And this is how you feel all the time.

ID: 1151285

21. Best friends still exist.

And will lend you a shoulder to cry on.

ID: 1128484

22. Hugs are just that much better after you’ve done the impossible and survived another day.

ID: 1151229

23. Falling in love is way more epic.

ID: 1128113

24. And best of all, even if you die, you might come back.

Albiet a little differently.

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