15 Pieces Of Swoon-Worthy Disney Swag For Every Occasion

Bless Etsy.

1. For your Villains Anonymous meeting.

Maleficent cameo pendent.

ID: 1669726

2. For eloping with handsome strangers.

Hand painted Tangled Toms

ID: 1669447

4. For “tea” time.

Alice in Wonderland high waisted skirt.

ID: 1669591

5. For when you need a guide through the 100 Acre Wood.

Winnie the Pooh watch necklace.

ID: 1670280

6. For girls night out.

Lion King shirt.

ID: 1669663

7. For navigating home from the second star on the right.

Peter Pan and Wendy keychains.

ID: 1669878

8. For when you plan on breaking ancient curses.

Beauty and the Beast ring.

ID: 1670178

9. For when you’re about to go on the adventure of a lifetime!

Up coat pin.

ID: 1670188

10. For when you visit your old campus.

Monsters University unisex tank.

ID: 1670242

11. For extended bug squashing.

Wreck-it Ralph cuff.

ID: 1670405

12. For when you need an all-powerful friend.

Aladdin two-tone necklace.

ID: 1670436

13. For when you want your nails to be as colorful as the wind.

Custom painted Pocahontas nails.

ID: 1670462

14. For when you need to defeat the Huns.

Mulan charm bracelet.

ID: 1670519

15. For literally every occasion you could think of.

Sweetheart strapless princess dress.

ID: 1669477

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